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Three Times Multiplication Table Games and Stories

Three Blarts and a Bogie

A story about learning the Three times table

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This is a story about how Danny Starbright learns the Three Times Tables whist having a lot of fun, and without realising he is learning.

In this adventure, Danny finds himself in a world of strange creatures called Blarts, who have three legs, a kind heart, and very poor table manners. The story revolves around a grand sports tournament, but with bizarre sports, many of which would be more likely to be found in a circus. It is of course very funny, very silly, occasionally disgusting, and highly educational.

 In Three Blarts and a Bogie, Danny learns the three times table, sometimes thought of as the first of the difficult tables due to its lack of reference points: Multiplying by two, four, five and ten is not too difficult as these numbers occur in humans and other mammals, so we can use fingers etc to help us. The number three however does not appear in our own bodies hence the three legged creatures, who also have three fingers, and count everything in threes.

During the course of this adventure, Danny learns the three times table as he goes along, and uses it to get out of trouble at the end.

 Like the other stories in the series, this is a great story in its own right, and children will not realise that they are learning anything.

"I read this story to my six year old grandson once, before he had started tables at school. To my amazement he got the principle of multiplying by two immediately, and, with a little hesitation, was able to recite the two times table up to twelve."

The Three Times Table Story, Three Blarts and a Bogie is currently available in digital format on Amazon Kindle.

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"Professor Paradox's excellent book uses a story filled with interesting characters to introduce and explain the concept of multiplication in a form which children will both understand and enjoy."

Fiona Collins Phd Educationalist, School Governor and Former Teacher


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